Moonday News

As we get ready for a New Lunar Cycle starting this Saturday the 18th in the sign of Scorpio, we are deeply feeling this Waning week. Making this a great few days to check in with your selfcare regiments and the space you create (if any) for self healing! 
Scorpio makes us check in with our deepest wells of emotion and action.She forces us to have uncomfortable conversations and face our most neglected feelings. It's all part of her Death/Rebirth cycles.  
Unfortunately, this also tends to be the week of the cycle where people loose their shit! Welcome to your Wild Woman phase. This time is special, but can be super inconvenient if you don't pay attention to her. Think back to a time where you snapped, said something super mean, or overreacted- all to just feel wicked bad a few days later. Most likely, you were cycling through your Wild Woman. She lives in the darkest of waning days. Aka- this week. 
This may show up in your energy: wanting to hunt for prey, wanting to get raw and vulnerable, wanting to feel deeply about things. 
I'll remind you, the Wild Woman archetype isn't your new age, light working, festival chick with a moon tattoo and lavender kombucha. 
She is vicious. She is raw. She hides behind the caves of your bullshit as she waits for you to show your true face. She is a source of inspiration for you. She is creation. She is naked and dirty. She doesn't like games, wasting time or nonsense. She is fierce.  She can't wait to meet you... 
Will you go there this week? Will you head to your deepest caves of creation, to greet her? 

Get quiet and you will hear her howling in the night.. 

Jayme Gray