Lunar Update

Today we are coming off the 3rd Quarter Moon energy and she is now in Libra..

This is our last Waning Lunar cycle of this year. 

(Holy Goddess hips, already!?!)

So, you may be feeling the overwhelming pressure of Year end reviews, completion and releasing energies, as we prepare for the New Moon next Monday. 

Libra wants you to pull out the scales, get out a journal, quite possibly a tissue box and sit with these questions:

-What has been some of the lessons you've experienced in 2017?
-How different are you now from this time last year? 
-Where in your life is there Balance? Out of Balance?
-How is your relationship to Self? To others? 
-What needs tying up of loose ends? Completion? 
-What are you ready to let go of? Who are you ready to let go of?

Please make sure this week you carve out some time in your schedule to tend to these energies! I suggest pulling out some oracle cards, say some prayers, get quiet with mediation, have some tea, light a candle or 10, go through this year's journal and sink deep into the sacred space of self. Believe me, you will feel so much better afterwards.. 

I send you all Peace this week:) 

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