New Moon in Sagittarius

Today we are experiencing our Last New Moon of 2017 and we end it with the fiery sign of Sagittarius.. 🌙


We are in a Time of great Transformation, and you may be feeling it deep in your Blood, Heart and Soul my friends! 🌙


This is a time to leave behind your old skins, as you unhook the last, clinging bits that drag behind you.

This is a time to let the arrows fall, wherever they may, as you trust in the Inner Archer of your Dreams.

You realize you have outgrown this phase of your life and you're ready to move forward.

Your Inner Centaur beckons you to new Adventures, Sights, Expansion and Glory..


Are you ready?


Tonight the Moon cautions you to look beyond the glitter, behind the mask, and under the surface for any thing inauthentic or decaying..


Sagittarius never falls for Fool's gold.

Instead, get really comfortable in your OWN skin.

Meet your tribulations head on with grace and self assurance. 🌙


If you want the World to be Authentic, then you must of course, start with yourself.. I send you peace and love into the Holiday week!



The Wild Moon Society


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