First Quarter Moon in Aries

Good Tidings to all in The Wild Moon Society!

This week we have celebrated Winter Solstice, the start to Capricorn Season and for many of you, Christmas.

Tales of company, community and celebration!

With a First Quarter Moon in Aries, we now find ourselves in that obscure week between holiday and the New Year. And you may be asking yourself, "What in the world do I do now?" 

The Moon is here to help you with that..

She's here to remind you of the Light and Power that resides within you.

Aries wants you to connect to your Mission, your Leadership, your Greatness. 

This first quarter Moon in Aries is telling you to take these last few days as a gift, even, a lesson.. Whether you spent the last few days draped in love, surrounded by family, dogging uncomfortable conversations, stepping over snarky comments, or dusting off passive aggressive behavior - it was a Gift. 

What was a theme for you this weekend? What kept coming up?

Notice if it had to do with your "position" in the World.

Know that what most of you are here to do, will make conformists extremely uncomfortable. But before they become okay with it, you must first accept and allow it to shine through you. 

Spend this week focused on YOU. Spend the week in self care and self love. Spend the week connecting to yourself deeper than you have ever gone. Do not check out this week, instead check inside the cave of your spirit.


Go find the Fire of your Soul and warm yourself in it.

Until next week, unplug, unwind & breathe.