Reflection Rituals

I spend the last few days of each Gregorian calendar year in ceremony.. One of my rituals is to pull out ever journal and calendar I wrote in that year..

2017 was an extremely challenging and sad year. Simultaneously the most invigorating and beautiful year I’ve head in awhile.. but that the spectrum of life, right?!

I sat here today surrounded in my memories, creations, ideas, worries, tribulations, exclamations, thoughts, meetings, experiences, celebrations, sessions, teachings, learnings, readings, happenings and connections!

I’m in awe grasping gratitude for my family, my community, my teachers, my guides, angels, the Earth, my ancestors, and the gods and goddesses who helped me this year..and above all, the ability to take breath after precious breathe on this gorgeous planet Earth 🌏

People are literally dying to live in this World. So many Souls are waiting for the opportunity to get back down to this planet, to see the beauty, to feel sunshine.. and love.. and joy.. I wonder if we will ever fully grasp the bewilderment of the miracle that is LIFE..


So.. What will you do with this brand new year my friend?


Choose Life. Choose Love.


Peace to all of you!


-Jayme Rose

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