Full Super Moon in Gemini

Today we are still celebrating the Full Super Moon In Gemini, which may have your heart wanting to explode from excitement! Or maybe you are heavy in your heart with grief or a breakup. Or maybe you heart is being cracked open in ways you've never experienced before. Or maybe like the Tin Man in Wizard of Oz, you're realizing you've had a heart all along?! 💜

The common denominator here is HEART!

The Heart is the nexus point between the Earth and the Cosmic realms.

The Heart is our Sacred tool for our Evolution and Ascension.

How is your Heart Doing? 💜

I've personally experienced a year's worth of healing my Heart, and to be completely honest with you- that was only the tip of the iceberg. I received much guidance from spirit at the end of 2016 that it was time for me to mend my Heart. To break down the cold, dark prison encapsulating it, to set it free like a fucking Care Bear! Lol.. but really.. 💜

I was even gifted a Blood-stone Necklace with a wire wrapped Tree and Opal Moon on it! Heart work was calling my name and Spirit was screaming from a megaphone, "It's time, sweet one, lay down your sword. Put down your shield. We need you to connect, we need you to feel, we need you to Lead!  It's time."💜

Looking back on the year, I couldn't have imagined going through all of these tribulations with a Heart of stone. Instead, this year made me stronger, got me closer to my purpose and steadfast on my path. 💜

So my dear friend.. Will you accept this year's invitation to heal your Heart? Will you put down your pitchfork and pick up your torch? When you get overwhelmed will you sit quietly and listen? 💜

From My Heart to Yours..