Full Moon in Leo - February 10th, 2017

The Sign Leo teaches us how to Roar like a lion, speak our truths, and honor our creativity & uniqueness! Just Like the Goddess Sekhmet teaches us to be the powerful Feline Warrior Goddess, this Full Moon in Leo is going to challenge us on the strengths of our ego, intuition, bravery, compassion and Love!
The Full Moon is going to Illuminate ALL of this! Many aspects of the self live in the shadows. We’re not taught at a young age how to express ourselves individually or collectively. We aren’t given and tools to process emotions, feelings or the ego. Society isn't taught to do deep psyche and shadow work- instead we’re told to shove it far under a rug, and it usually takes a lifetime to clean it up! Well my friends, that’s all about to change! Now’s the time to come out of

your shadows and Dance under the Moonlight!
Where are you suppressing your soul, your light, your love? What areas of your life could use a bit more compassion and love? What areas of your life needs more bravery and willpower? Where in your life could use some more creativity? How’s your self expression? What does art mean to you? Do you have play in your life? Is your life magical of dull? Are you dancing?! Why not? Could your wardrobe use a makeover? Do you know you’re a Queen and you want everyone

to treat you like one?!