Moon in Aquarius - March 23rd, 2017

The Moon has shifted into a Waning Crescent in Aquarius and you may be feeling this pretty hard today.. Under these skies we may tend to feel more anxious, worried or sad about current issues within ourselves and the Collective World. 
I started to cry on a walk today, and realized it wasn't my sadness, but that of Humanity and the Earth right now.. So I shed a tear for all of us and those who can't or don't know how to! 
These feelings and lessons are a part of life on Earth, and they aren't wanting to be shoved under a rug anymore. Can you see this as Soul assignment? 
The Universe is watching and the Earth is listening! 
When posed with a problem, issue or crisis- will you choose your old patterning? Or will you choose this new You, here to usher in the New Earth? Will you choose Love or Fear?

To refocus your energy today: could you make a big crock of soup to bring to a friend who is feeling down? Could you walk your elderly neighbors dog because they can't? Could you go pick up trash in your neighborhood and be a role model to youth? Could you not talk negative about people for 3 days?! If anything, spend some time with a journal and get it out of your tissues;)
Breathe, be grateful and choose Love!