Moon in Aries - March 27th, 2017

The Moon moved into Aries late last night (EST) during the New Moon! This marks the start to the new Zodiac wheel of the year! Aries energy is fiery and childlike with excitement! Making this a great two days to fuel your passions and heart desires! Spend these two days writing down your months intentions! For those that haven't used this practice, it's like making resolutions every 28 days and at the end seeing what did and didn't work, then starting all over! It's a beautiful way to connect to your sacred path here in this lifetime;)
This lunar month your intentions should be about YOU! What are 4 things you can focus on for yourself this lunation? Tap into your creativity? Get finances situated? Clear out your closet and home of things you don't need? Make your schedule more effective for you? 
Beware of the shadow traits of Aries that will probably cause you a headache: being jealous of others successes, arguing till you win, negative talk about others, etc. This will only spiral your energy down, when really you want to use this New Moon to beam up! 
I feel this month is going to be exciting and powerful! Are you ready?!