Moon in Capricorn - March 20th, 2017

Luna is now in the last quarter phase in Capricorn as we usher in the Vernal Equinox! 
Talk about Spring cleaning!
Today might feel like wanting to play in the dirt with your friends, and then one of your dads make you come in, get cleaned up, do homework and clean your room.. ugh!
However, this may be exactly what you need: some balance. 
 Capricorn energy is organized, ambitious, grounded and pretty strict ( I am one, so I know this deeply.. )
It's a "tying up of loose ends, create an action list, clean out the cobwebs" kinda day! This is a great sign to pass through on this Equinox, as it will assist the deeds, chores and actions that need to be facilitated in order to walk into Spring new, light and ready! 
Are you craving an emotional deep clean? Do you need a mental airing out? A physical purge of clutter? 
Use the next two days to listen to your inner parental guidance, if not you may end up hearing "I told you so" from your intuition by the New Moon in Aries!