Moon in Gemini - April 1st, 2017

The waxing crescent Moon will be in Gemini for the weekend and I'm sure your phone has been buzzing all morning! 

Making this a great time for get togethers, long phone calls, group texts, social media connections and going out to be around people that make you feel GOOD! 

Gemini moons remind us that we want to have fun and feel good about life! 
Gemini's are the life of the party, the wildly fun friend, the ones who knows the hottest new experiences, places and things! 

I also find Gemini's to be quite creative; Could you tap into that this weekend? Writing, drawing, dancing, dressing up, take photos, card pulling, and vision boards!

If this "not spring yet" weather has you down, call your favorite Gemini and see what they're up to! 
Haven't spoken to someone in awhile? This would be a good time to call them and catch up!

Feel like you need to be around people this weekend? Have a impromptu dinner party, go hear some live music, or take that class your local crystal shop is hosting, etc! 

Don't let the shadow side of Gemini creep up on your plans though! This would include: becoming overly anxious and trapped in your head, sitting by yourself all weekend worrying, gossiping about others, obsessing over social media, etc.. 
What will you CREATE from a place of GOODness this weekend?!
Peace Moon babes!