Moon in Pisces - March 25th, 2017

The 8% Waning Crescent is now in Pisces and will stay here for the weekend.. Anyone else feel like they could spend the WHOLE weekend in a water bed?! Ummm, yes. 
Pisces allows us to dream, create and connect through the aqua veil of our psychic senses. This would be a great weekend to astral travel, make a vision board, take a candlelit bath, FaceTime your dreamer friend to chat about the future, go to a sauna, get messages through card readings, connect to your ancestors or spirit guides through meditation, visit the ocean or river, etc.
This weekend I would avoid people who will analytically squash your dreams, violent shows, drama, political arguments, etc. 
Use the element of water to help you cleanse away your old patterns and cells as we near the end of this lunation. Use this psychic dream time to manifest what you want for the next lunar cycle starting Monday! 
Sweet dreams to you all!