Moon in Sagittarius - March 18th, 2017

Moon is in Sagittarius this weekend as she wanes into last quarter.. This may feel different for many folks: If you've uncovered truths in the Scorpio Moon, you may find the fires of Sagittarius leading you towards your true path.. If you've felt sucked under with last week, this Moon may help you burn away any stagnation that's been lingering.. Using Sagittarius wisely during a waning phase might feel like a safe, quiet space to delve into self discovery, self study or self value. Spend some time with yourself this weekend and feel for any burning desires  within you: is it time to book that trip you've been talking about taking? Is there a weekend course you know would accelerate your path? Is it time to read that book that been collecting dust for 3 month? (Audible anyone?!) What's the direction you would like to see this year head towards? 
Get quiet, listen and enjoy!