Moon in Taurus - March 30th, 2017

The waxing Moon is now in Taurus where she will be till April 1st. Taurus is ruled by Venus which helps us blossom our sensuality! 
So today you might decide to: skip out of work early, scrub the house to gypsy folk bands, take a flower essence bath with candles, put on that silk robe you got in France and make yourself an exquisite meal! 

If you're looking for deeper soul play for the next two days, Taurus asks you to discern what's best for your senses:

-Is that lotion you've put on your body for years filled with harsh chemicals and your skin is craving nutritious organic oils, like: jojoba oil mixed with geranium? Coconut oil mixed with tea tree?  These you can make yourself, as you infuse LOVE into them! 

-Are the violent shows you watch affecting your energy grid and draining you? Are you chained to being "caught up" with your dvr or office talk? When really your body is craving a book, painting to music, audible while doing household tasks, etc.

-Is your favorite meal not doing the trick anymore? Is your body craving organic plant based meals, raw food, locally sourced? Take note how you FEEL while you feed yourself- it's the most Important self care practice in your life!

- Does your wardrobe not align with how you feel or see yourself these days? Are the Power blazers from your city life and tight spandex sucking you in not cutting it anymore? Then it's time to let these items go and make space for the new you! What materials do you want on your skin? Organic cottons, hemps, silks, etc. What do you want to feel like all day? My rule is that I need to be able to write, hike, massage, dance and meditate in the clothes or it ain't happening! 

I simply went through a few senses, and ask you to sit with these! Go deeper: how do you want to feel? It will lead you closer to your hearts desires- I promise! 

Peace Moon babes!