New Moon In Aquarius - January 27th, 2017

The energies of this New Moon are so tangible you can taste it, right?! It almost seems impossible to ignore.. These few days will highlight the cave you’re currently residing in, and will be illuminating the torch and tools needed to guide you onto your soul’s path! You’ve heard the call from your spirit tribe, the battle cries from Mother Earth, and felt the pang from your intuition to giddy up! There’s no room for excuses anymore. There’s no time to waste. The New Earth and Aquarian Age are here! So tell me, who are YOU?!

Themes for the New Moon that have resonated with me: -Instinct, Intuition & Invention -Community, Revolution & New Earth -Recreation of Self, Career & Relationships -Awakening, Collaboration & Friendship

Journal questions for January 27th- February 9th:
-Write the above words down, and then describe what they mean to you.. -What moves you lately? Wells your eyes up with tears? Makes your heart explode?
-Who inspires you? What intrigues you?
-If you had unlimited funds, what would you do for a “career”? -What do you believe without questioning it? Why?
-What turns your on? What drains, and bogs your down?
-Which of your actions are you constantly making excuses for? Are you exhausted from your stories you tell yourself all day, week, life?
Are you ready for a re-write?