New Moon in Aries - Journal style

Who’s ready for some NEW energy? A fresh start? A new look? A new job? Or all of the above, right? This is exactly what the New Moon in Aries is offering us.. Today marks the start the the Zodiac New Year- and we should all be ready to boogie into Spring. As I write this I can’t help but sing in my head, “Love Shack” by the B52’s as this is the energy I’m trying to get down on paper for you:) For most of us, it’s been a long, emotionally draining Winter that has probably squashed any plans you had for this year. However, this fresh, fiery New Moon is Aries is like a monkey doing back flips asking us if we want to play! Can you put the mood you’ve been dragging around to rest and join in the fun?

Aries is the sibling that screams "shotgun" for every car ride! The Independent child that marches up to the ocean and says, “oh yea, I’ll show you!” Aries is the stubborn child that will absolutely get it’s way... Can you harness this energy and use it to your best advantage? I challenge you to not get caught up in judgement of this energy, or be jealous that others can tap into it easily, as these are shadow traits of Aries. Instead, can we use this new Lunar cycle to revive our passions and deepest desires? How can you be a Leader like Aries teaches us, instead of being a follower?

Journaling questions to ponder:
Are you screaming inside for some Independence?
What personal intentions will you set for yourSELF this New Moon? What are you ready to Action forward?
Are you ready for a Fresh Start?
Where do you need to put yourself first?