New Moon in Pisces & Solar Eclipse February 26th, 2017

The cosmic experience of this New Moon and Solar Eclipse is extremely powerful and should be viewed as a gift! Pisces (whether, in your chart of not) is here to teach us how to tap into our Psychic abilities, how to work with the Dream State and Astral Travel, how to connect to your senses, how to work with your instincts and intuitions, and how to connect to your personal Happiness! Wow!
Eclipses, Lunar and Solar, can be viewed as massive gateways: portals with explosive shifts, turning points or doorways to awareness that will last for 6 months! Solar eclipses signify New Beginnings, Rebirths and new Opportunities.
An Eclipse under a New Moon in Pisces is a Magical, Mystical and Psychic kick into high gear to follow your greatest, deepest, most secretive dreams for your life!
Pisces is the last stage of the zodiac wheel of the year, which means death and ashes. For a death cycle to be accelerated through an eclipse is where the gift comes in!
Our “Dreams” and hopes for our path are so often overlooked, doubted and trampled on by society's ideal values, that still leads people to shy away from following their heart’s desires.
However there is NO time to waste anymore! The Cosmos, the Earth and your ancestors are literally rooting you on to step on YOUR path! Will you?

Here are some questions to probe and guide you into this new Lunar Cycle: -What are you here to Feel and Heal right now?
-What are you ready to lay down and let go for GOOD?
-How is your connection to your intuition? Your instincts? Do you have a visceral roadmap to respecting them? I.e.- You get a bad feeling, you stop, feel and trust your gut about a person, place or thing.. Or do you just blast past it and deal with the “I told you so” reaction from your higher self after you’ve been screwed, scammed or hurt?
-What are your deepest Desires? Dreams? Visions?
-What’s been going on in your dreams lately?
-Are you blocking all of this with drugs, alcohol, food or drama?

-Are you ready for a new life? Your life?