The Lunar Phases - An Introduction

There are 8 full phases of the Lunar Month, and I am here to teach you how to welcome this wisdom into your life, your calendar and your womb. Not only is there Lunation in the sky with the actual Moon, there is also a Lunation happening within each person on the planet, especially those in their bleeding years. For the sake of beginner purposes, let’s start with the pillars of the strongest phases: New Moon, First Quarter Moon, Full Moon and Last Quarter Moon.

New Moon
This is the start to the Lunar Calendar, when the Moon is “ dark” as there is no illumination of the sun’s light. This darkness signifies a new start, a rebirth, a reset. For those in their bleeding years, this would be the start of your period, “a death” of the womb, a shedding of the old. This phase is considered to be one of the most magical. It’s the most potent time to manifest your dreams, desires and wishes. This is a clean slate energy and you have a 3 day window to use it. This is when we set NEW intentions, plant new seeds, create new goals, and accept the death of any previous ideas, passions or patterns that weren’t working. A great time to go inward, check in, ground, rest and restore. This is a beautiful time to connect to the powers of The Void, and all magic that comes with it. What are you intentions this month?

First Quarter Moon
Is when the “Waxing” energy is potent and powerful. This is when half of the moon is illuminated with a line down the center of the Moon. This cycle is when you are feeling the most energized - providing the energy needed work towards, care for and help grow the seeds of intentions you sewed the week before. Think action, growth, motivation, strength and vitality for your goals. This would be the time to build, network and launch with a “go getter” attitude. How has your energy and work ethic helped your intentions for this month?

Full Moon
This is when the Moon is fully illuminated with the Sun’s light, and she is closer to the Earth. As you can feel the bursting roundness and amplified energies of this cycle, you can imagine how powerful this is for your intentions! This is a good time for manifesting positivity, charging crystals, communing with spirits and connecting to your Tribe! (See why I have the Wild Moon Society events every Full Moon?) Other Themes: reclaim wisdom, howl at the moon, use your excitement, express yourself, be grateful, etc. On the other hand, if you feel overly energized or drained during a full Moon, this is a signal from your “inner” moon to come back home, relax, and to connect to your true self. How do you feel during or around a Full Moon?

Last Quarter Moon
This is when the Moon is “Waning” down to the New Moon and you see it half illuminated on the other side this time. This is a good time for “coming home” to yourself, slowing down, cleansing and detoxifying your internal and external worlds, etc. This would line up with your PMS symptoms, (which are just signals from your psyche to get your attention!) Think self care, meditation, contemplation, release and let go. If you don’t clear out, clean up or create space- how could you possibly expect to receive new and better things in life. Forgiveness is also a great energy to work with for this cycle. What are you ready to release in this cycle?

What clearing needs to be attended to?