Full Moon in Libra - April 10th, 2017

Looking for your tribe? Some new friends? People you can be authentic around? People who lift you up? Watch out everyone, our soul groups are creating new contracts, connections and possibilities even as I write this! This Full moon will be illuminating our relationships to ourselves and to others. Libra moons aim to balance energies within and without. As women we usually put everyone and everything before ourselves, so the goal is to take two weeks leading up to this Full Moon or the two day period to put yourself first and see how things will flow organically in a fair, diplomatic space.
This full moon is also going to highlight our relationships, partnerships and friendships.
The archetype of the Full Moon is the Mother- fullness of life, birthing of something new, filled with possibilities, giver of life, etc.
So I expect this time to be a powerhouse of collaborations, creations of partnerships, and new missions!
Libra’s symbol is a scale. If you take the scale and turn to view it from the side, you will see a mirror image. Therefore, Libra moon days are BIG ol’ Mirrors! If one side of the scale is super low, there will definitely be a tilt in the mirror and you will FEEL this big time. The irony is that many Libra’s find themselves out of balance and usually their entire life lesson is to find it.
Avoid getting anxious, overwhelmed, victimized or drama filled with this Full Moon, as these are some of the shadow sides of Libra.

So get excited, because this is going to be a great time for us all! I can feel it in the air...

This Libra Full Moon is asking you: Are you ready to put yourself and your path first?
Are you ready for some new relations? Is life holding up a mirror for you to look at that you’ve been ignoring for awhile?
Are you out of balance?
Are you standing in your own way?