Moon in Scorpio - April 12th, 2017

The moon is sitting in 98% illumination as she glides into Scorpio. If you’re in tune to energies, you may have felt her shift late last night (EST).. Scorpio moons help us to uncover things that are lurking below the surface, things that don’t play a role in your day to day.

The two archetypes that we have an option to play out over the next two days are:

The Detective or The Victim.

To be clear, I’m speaking about Archetypes -examples of people or things that are being played out in the collective unconscious. There are probably 100 different archetypes that our psyche moves through, as a way to process what is happening in our lives. Today you have a choice to choose which of these archetypes would work the best for your current situation!

The Detective-

Are you present to clues and instincts highlighting your feelings? Your Actions? Can you use these breadcrumb trails to lead you to the source of your behaviors? Are you present to the subtle sensations coming from your intuition?  Your inner guide? Can you stay level or unbiased for what is uncovered? From the outside looking in, how does this situation appear? Can you investigate a little deeper?

Transversely, are you always the detective and it’s time to play another role now? (If you have Scorpio in your chart- this question is for you! Wink wink.. )

The Victim-

Are you only seeing this situation from your singular viewpoint? This would be bias and would sound like, “ How could they? How dare she?” Etc. Do you view what’s happening in your life as unfair or disastrous? Are you exaggerating at all? Have you become a casualty to your life circumstances? Are you a victim to your emotions? Do they control you and guide your entire day?

Flip side, are you always the “strong one” totally in charge that takes care of everything, and it’s time to BE the victim? For example, seeing that you have been wronged and sit with those feelings. (I’m looking at you Aries, Taurus and Capricorn!)

Sit and journal with these questions.. Feel in your body for where you get triggered or upset. These illumination periods are blessings in disguise and I hope you all are guided to see this as a gift! If you want some more guidance on this, please feel free to email me or visit my website to set up a session!

Peace to you all:)