Moon in Sagittarius - April 14th, 2017

The Waning Moon takes her descent down the mountain in the sign of Sagittarius and will be here till late Sunday night. Having Luna in a Fire sign this close to a Full Moon will definitely have it's side effects. This may show up in your sleep schedule: not being able to fall asleep or being completely exhausted. 

The Waning days of the moon are great for:

-Seeing what's currently effective or ineffective for your energy, time or path

-Tying up loose ends as we head towards the New Moon (start to a new Lunar cycle)

-Checking in on your intentions you set during the previous New Moon 

A Moon in Sagittarius is great for all of above! He will give us the energy and fire we need in our lives to get things accomplished, stay motivated, want better for ourselves, clear out the drama, check things off a to-do list, etc.  There's a strength and purpose energy that Sagittarius brings out in us. He asks, "What's your purpose? Your path? Where is your arrow pointing? What's your aim here?"

With a 5 planet retrograde this would be a fantastic time to STOP, turn around and review the wake you've just created since last fall! Woof.. 

Making this a great time to:

-Check in with your current financial situations. When's the last time you checked your credit? Is it fear that's blocking you? How are your student loans doing? Is there a cheaper plan for your family phones? How much are you spending on groceries a month? etc. Sagittarius is guiding us to face our past and LOOK at where we are right now!  

-Have you put your life and path on a back burner to take care of others and now you're depleted in energy? Have you been saying for awhile you want to sign up for that teacher training or healing certification? It's Time to take the leap my friends! 

-Have you pushed off an uncomfortable conversation with a friend, family member or coworker and it's eating at your soul? Pick up the phone and do it! Trust me, theres a gift hidden in these conversations or Karmic lesson to accomplish here.. 

Be cautious of this fire though.. If you choose to not funnel this energy towards your OWN life, you may very well end up exploding on your friends and family.. at dinner.. this weekend.. just saying..  

Aim for the feeling of being focused, driven and inspired this weekend! So inspirited, that other people's opinions and dramas fall right off you. 

Stay true Moon Babes!