Moon in Capricorn - April 17th, 2017

The waning gibbous Moon is in Capricorn as she makes her way towards the last quarter of this cycle. This Monday energy merged with the strict Father of the Zodiac (Capricorn) is providing you the motivation and discipline to get things DONE over the next two days. 

If you've been resistant towards dealing with domestic issues, than the energy of today might feel like getting scolded by a parent. It's in our best interest to realized this is not a punishment, but rather the Universe helping us to stay on track and make sure all is well to move forward. For example, I ignored my intuition for a week about getting new tires, so I was not surprised at all to get a blowout on the highway yesterday! Leading to me sitting in the mechanics being told by my intuition, "I told you so! " Will we every learn!?! 

Moon in Capricorn reminds us to tend to our "chores", and take a deep look into our responsibilities. When we do this, it's brings us back to reality and helps us to get Earthly grounded. I often think about the punishment of being "grounded" as a child. It was a point in time when the parent noticed that the child has gotten too wild, unruly, exhausted, or overwhelmed and needed a moment to collect their energy, calm down and get refocused. We are given these opportunities as grownups, and we have to be willing to take them! If we continue to ignore these signs to slow down or course correct, then they might show up in larger forms, like accidents, illness, layoffs, delays, etc. Something that makes us wake up and pay attention! 

Use these next two days to get curious about your foundations in life: resources, money, home, family, vehicles, jobs and more. Honor your nagging intuition, as it may be what saves you, your time and money!  

If you feel locked and loaded on the chore front, use these days to access your ambitions and resourcefulness. Capricorn lays the roots for a foundation of success! If you're someone who is about to launch or begin something- use this time to lay some ground work and become stable in your mission. This would also be a great day to bang out some big projects in the home front, spring cleaning or yard work. Capricorn provides us the patience to accomplish anything we want! 

During a Capricorn transit we tend to feel emotionally unattached, so use this to your advantage! How can you look at your current situation from a level headed, grounded, unemotional position?

Use this time wisely Moon peeps!

Until next time..