Moon In Pisces - April 22nd, 2017

This weekend the waning Crescent is flowing towards the end of her cycle in the sign of Pisces.. A sign that is known for being the dreamer, sleeper, psychic, intuitive and emotional. Also, this part of the waning phase is the archetype of our Inner Wild, the untamed, the instinctual and primal.  This downward and inward energy of the waning phase will be inviting us to uncover deeper emotions and insights lurking beneath the surface. Those that are subconsciously shoved under the rug, ignored or forgotten.. 

All, while not wanting to leave your bed today!

I suggest getting involved right away with any type of water healing this weekend: sauna, steams, ocean walks, floats, cry, baths, dance and sweat, showers, anything.. 

This weekend will be a great time for messages, telepathy, premonitions, synchronicity, epiphanies, breakthroughs, insights and more. Focus your energy towards the veil that is naturally thinned for us right now, instead of getting caught up in the dramas that surround us.

Aim to connect as a way, that uncovers creativity that wants to come through. These focuses will help guide you through this swampy energy that we're collectively experiencing. 

If you feel drained right now, it would be a great day for lounging, healing, journaling, internal gazing, napping, psychic dreaming, sleeping and all sorts of self care. I suggest you get as comfortable as you want to, and not feel shame or guilt about it! 

What veil is being thinned for you today? How can you tap into this energy without being drained or pulled under? How will you navigate the waters this weekend? 

Try to remember, there is no right or wrong.. There's effective and ineffective, and that a bit easier to discern. Use this filter for your thoughts, actions, intentions, beliefs or stories for awhile and see what you pick out.. 

I wish you all the best of dreams this weekend, moon babes!