Moon in Aries - April 24th, 2017

The moon in now in Aries for the next two days as we get ready for the start to a new lunar cycle on Wednesday. Most people see Aries folks as fiery leaders who get what they want (and usually do).  I like to look a layer deeper for this sign and see the emotional and compassionate souls who lead with their hearts. This end to a lunar cycle is asking us to tap into our hearts for the next two days.. 

During my heart linking session with the earth this morning, a very clear message came through:

The separation, between each other and the souls that are here to help the earth ,has got to be dropped. There is no time for competition anymore, it has to be COLLABORATION.  It's what's keeping us from tapping into our greatest power (UNITY)  and from actually making an impact (LOVE)  here on the Earth. 

For a quick example- The vegetarians have to accept the local meat eaters, who need to accept the vegans so we can all get together and support those who are learning about the energy source we call food. As someone who has been all three of these eaters, I have seen quite the bashing from all sides. It's time to end the abuse, my friends. 

Other examples include: yogis bashing other yogis, people thinking their religion is better than others, mothers attacking new mothers for their personal choices of raising their own children, drinkers bashing smokers, our political climate, etc.  Actually, this is happening all around us, and easily noticed if you spend any time in the present moment. 

When we think we are better than others (for anything), it slides us into division. This divide is the source of our collective and individual pain. Using passive aggressive judgement as an introduction to make relationships with other humans is completely useless. It keeps us stuck in the dangerous cycles of war, competition and conflict. Not to mention, it keeps us very far from actually focusing such microscopic scrutiny upon our own lives and all that needs mending.  Cough, ahem, cough. . Just saying.. 

An easy, clear path out of this vicious cycle is to connect to your heart center, source energy and individual power. I truly believe this is our main tool we need to master on this planet right now. The energetics of the heart center are 12 feet in diameter, and I'm sure most of us are only working with a few inches. It's time to change this up my friends! 

From an individual perspective, many of us are coming up against unworthiness (lack of love) in our day to day because of this underlying judgement we are collectively sensing. I am here to say, you are exactly where you need to be right now! Your path isn't around the bend or over the hill. YOU'RE ON IT! 

So, if you path to spirituality (connection to spirit) looks like taking a longer bathroom break to connect to your true self because your kids won't leave you alone, than that's perfect! You're perfect, your path is perfect and the everything is exactly how it should be. 

Let's stop comparing ourselves to each other, and let's stop pinning each other against the wall to question decisions, all because we're too scared to sit in a room with ourselves. 

It's time to turn our attention inward. Individual healing and attention will reverberate through the collective. If we want to heal the world, we have to start with ourselves. 

Sit with a journal and these questions: 

How is your heart feeling lately? Are you breathing into your heart? How does the back of your heart feel? The sides? What has burst your heart open lately? How do you process your emotions? Do you have any emotions? Which ones are you working with now? 

I LOVE you all! Enjoy this day:)