New Moon in Taurus - April 26th, 2017

Happy New Moon in Taurus! This new moon is bringing forth an Earthly inquiry straight to the land of our DESIRES. Taurus folks like to feel good, look amazing, eat yummy food and have nice things. This sign is ruled by Venus- the goddess of Love. They are also known as the Bull for their powerful, stubborn and immovable energy.  Making this New Moon and Taurus season a great time to look into the health of our senses and abundances. Use this time to get serious about dedicating this month to just YOU! The lesson here is, why wait to get connected to your human experience?

Our five primary senses: taste, smell, sight, hearing, and touch are widely undervalued, as they are expected to function perfectly at all times. These senses are usually taken for granted, until allergy season hits or we lose our taste due to a illness!  Only then do we understand how nice it is to breathe free and with ease!

I feel that our senses are going through a restructuring or reprogramming and this is going to require our full attention. We have become very comfortable in current day society with distractions like - eating while watching tv, having to be available 24/7, breaking news every five minutes, etc.  It’s become wildly out of control and is completely overwhelming to our Central Nervous Systems.

Taurus New Moon is inviting us back home into our bodies and sensuality. The definition of sensuality is to have a heightened state or fulfillment of our senses.   View this month as an invitation to get to know yourself on a much deeper level.

Taurus season is also inviting us to quest into the realm of our extra senses: Clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, empathing and channeling just to get started. Remember, Ancient Egyptians were using 360 natural senses, just to clarify how advanced they were and how blocked we currently are. Making this an exciting journey of discovery into our inner worlds.

Here are some questions for you to explore this month:

-Are foods that you used to love, just not doing it for you anymore? Have your taste buds changed? Are you not very hungry lately?

-Do you feel numb to sensations or touch? Does certain clothing or materials feel restrictive on your body all of a sudden?

-Has your music preference changed? Do you find yourself more aware of volume levels? Has it become harder to have the TV on in the house?

- Have you become more sensitive to people's energies? Are you having a hard time going to places you used to love?

-Have you noticed a transparency with your emotions? Are you feeling more deeply about things?

-Are you sensing things before they happen? Is your intuition getting stronger? Can you feel someone’s energy when they walk in the room?

Your answers will lead to the awakening signals of your body and spirit. Use these beautiful breadcrumb trails to strengthen your connection to your path here on Earth. Remember that you are exactly where you need to be in life and you are on your path fulfilling your life's purpose as we speak! Aim to wrap yourself in love this lunar month, as we welcome in the abundance of Earth’s beauty!

Enjoy this Spring day, my Lunar loves!