Moon in Gemini- April 28th, 2017

La Luna starts her climb through this cycle in the sign of Gemini. Alas! The sun is out, weather is beautiful and we get to celebrate this in the sign of joy. We kick off this Lunar cycle of desire with the sign of bountiful connections and communication. Geminis love to have FUN: they are the social butterflies who are the last to leave the party with the final cheers of the night! 

Having this sign in the waxing phase can be quite exciting, as words and laughter will be flying around for the next two days. It is your choice to tap into this energy for the weekend.. 

It's time to put our issues, concerns and drama down for a few days and CHILL the hell out! Our problems in life have weight to them, a heaviness that can be exhausting to lug around all day or year. You are allowed to put them down, or lay them to rest entirely when this sign transits through. 

Spend these next few days: 

-Catching up with your best of friends- those who lighten up your face and honor every ounce of your being and friendship!  

-Dinner, drinks and dancing- Loud music and shaking your ass off is great for releasing energy out of your cell tissue.. getting dressed up and feeling sexy AF is also therapy!  

-Indulge in entertainment- there's a special type of sensation one gets when they treat themselves or others to something fun and nice! Even if you're broke, it's nice to let yourself have a night of feeling like you could do anything or be anyone..  

The shadow side of Gemini is to worry obsessively or to become two faced, since we're working with the twins of the Zodiac. This is also a choice this weekend, and it's entirely up to you to not play these roles out, as no one in your circle can control this type of outcome except you. 

What will it be my friends? Will you enjoy this break from the intense energies currently on the planet? I truely hope so! 

Party on Moon babes!