First Quarter Moon in Cancer - April 3rd, 2017

The First Quarter Moon is now in Cancer and we will feel these energies deeply for two days..

Cancer represents the Mother of the Zodiac, the watery intuit with super powers of sensitivity and psychic abilities! (Remember getting nothing past your mother?!)

Cancer also highlights the home, security and sanctuary.

This morning my guides asked me to remind you about MOTHER EARTH!

From our vantage point on this planet - she is our cosmic mother and first teacher!

And what have we done to her? How have we treated our mother? What is the state of our teacher right now? How do you think she feels?

Have we pushed her to her limits? Have we asked for too much and taken too often?

Have you called her lately? Invited her to your special occasions? Have you shared your abundances with her? How can we nurture her? Take care of her? Respect her?


Sit with a journal for these questions as I understand they will "hit home" today..


However, the moon is waxing so you'll want to focus some energy on what you can ADD to your life and home!

-Have you been wanting a laundry line outside to dry clothes in the sun while saving energy, money and also get some natural movements in your life?

-Have you wanted your own small garden for years and keep pushing it off? Head down to a local nursery and make some new friends who will teach you!

-Have you wanted a dehydrator or spiralizer to make healthier meals for you and your family? Now would be the time!

-A water therapy you've been wanting to try: A salt water float tank? Steam room? Water journey? Walk on the beach? Sit next to a stream? Bath filled with flowers? Clean up the waterways?

The goal here is to add something that makes you FEEL good, for you and Mother Earth! Maybe it's an INTUITION, a deep gut feeling, that will make this World a better place;)

I promise this will strengthen your connection to self and the planet!


Peace Moon babes!