Moon in Cancer - April 30th, 2017

The moon is settled in Cancer till Tuesday, and she's ready for you to take a load off.. 

Having the Moon in Cancer on a Sunday is exactly what we all need! Cancer is the mother of the zodiac, who loves to be at home, cooking and taking care of everyone under the sun! You may feel like you want to stay home, be with family, clean your living space, make a delicious meal, or even cry.. Let your energy flow with grace and ease for the next two days.

The idea of "relaxing" or doing nothing is  quite challenging to acquire. We are programmed so densely within our society to stay busy, that when our bodies call for a time out, it's usually too late. They only way to move through this ideaology is to do it together. When's the last time you told someone to do nothing for advice? We're so quick to tell people what they're not doing, or what they should be doing.. Instead, we could support ourselves and communities by telling our exhausted tribes to go sit outside and chill! 

As for a home environment we often neglect our main one: Planet Earth. We were reminded this weekend with the marches that "there is no Planet B". So what will you do about it? You could continue to ignore these pollution problems, cry about it or actually DO SOMETHING! That's a personal and emotional choice of yours to make. Because no one is going to motivate you to get off your ass and change your lifestyle. Right?! Okay, maybe Leonardo DiCaprio is! 

Today, my husband and I are taking these high emotions of planetary distress and putting them into action. We are heading to the beach with trash bags to clean up! Then, we will spend some time in silence as he fly fishes (catch and release) and I will paint him and the water.. We choose to do what we LOVE and other activities besides wasting our time on this planet behind a screen. 

Some suggestions for the day: 

-Curl up with a book outside on a blanket

-Go to a local florist and learn about some flower essences

-Spend some time in your garden or to make one  

-Make a big spring soup or salad with lots of local veggies  

 -Call your mother or grandmother and chat about something loving with them

-Watch "Plastic Ocean" or other documentaries that will educate you of our impact on this planet

I hope this inspires you to makes loving changes to your daily life. For you and this planet. 

Enjoy this day Moonrays!