Moon in Leo -April 5th, 2017

The Waxing Gibbous energy will be in Leo for the next two days, making this is a great time to be SEEN and HEARD!

The reflection of Solar light on the Moon will be illuminating our gifts, paths, voices and how we show up for them.

We've been challenged for months on dropping our old ways, patterns and paradigms that aren't serving us..


Are you ready to step firmly into the New you, as Lion does: not caring about judgement from others, unbothered by criticism, etc.

What have you been working on that you are ready to share? to Roar? What would you like to be known for? Will you stay loyal to your path?

Moons in Leo help us to connect with the Ego, maybe over boozy brunch!?!

We're so quick to blame Ego, but no one is asking how the it wants to HELP serve..

Ego isn't something you get rid of, it's something you learn to work with...

Why do we avoid sounding arrogant, cocky, proud or loud?  To who's avail?

Does Lion teeter on being the King, because he's afraid of making someone uncomfortable?! Nope.


If you're not feeling ready to share your masterpiece just yet, can you use the flames of the Leo fire to burn off excess debris?

I've been hearing lots of talk about purging excess junk in their lives, whether it be household goods or drama! This is a energetic unraveling to find our deepest TRUTH! What could you let go of today? Set aflame?  Release?


Spend the next two days singing loudly, dancing, colorfully, playing, painting, laughing, talking freely, roaring, red lipstick, crying, running, whatever! As long as it aligns with what YOU want!


Shine on Moonrays!