Moon in Virgo - April 7th, 2017

The Moon is waxing up to a fullness of illumination in Virgo for the next 2.5 days! I'm sensing some massive energetic purges on the planet right now, so you will likely be feeling this within yourself through the weekend.. 

Virgo asks us to be organized and have discernment with how we spend our energy. Virgo is guiding us to take a hard look at the material, matter, clutter and drama in our lives. We will be purging things, people, places, jobs, memories, hurts, traumas, fears, patterns, etc. Virgo is asking us to be smart about how we do this, feel for what it triggers in your body, and make peace with the results. 

Science teaches us that we have energetic connections to everything on the planet; things you own, love, bought, was gifted or thought you needed will absolutely have your energy attached to them. Tossing them out without processing it, might send you into a meltdown! So let's avoid that.. 

1. Go around your house and really SEE all of the things you own.. What's taking up space? What's inefficient in your life? Is it practical to keep this? 

2. Make a pile of all the things you think you're ready to let go off (kitchen pile, wardrobe pile, bathroom pile, etc).  Hold each item and FEEL for what comes up as your run it through these filters:

Do you feel emotional connected to this? Mentally attached? Physically linked to it? Spiritually fused to it? Sit with what comes up viscerally in your body.. 

It's important for folks to understand the energetic cords we have for things, people, careers, ideals, etc. Our attachments usually go much deeper than we can even imagine.  For example- that Black Power Blazer you have from 2010 that got you your dream job, which lead you to meet your husband, which lead you to opening your own business -HOLY GODDESS HIPS! No wonder this is such a challenging thing to do! Can you use this principle to look DEEPER into the things that surround you? Remember, this illumination is going to naturally be bringing this up today.. 

3. After processing how you're connected to it, now is the time to figure out what to do with it?

Could this item be given to someone who really needs it? Could you sell this online and make some money? Could you put a donation pile together? Could you put it on the side of the road for free? Could you recycle it? Does it need to be thrown away? Does it need to be burnt? 

Each of these options have their own alchemical energy to them and its up to you to decided what would be best! 

4.Create a ritual or ceremony for the space you have now created in your life. And just like the magic of compost, get very ready for some new doors to open in your life! 

Happy purging Moon Lovers!