Full Moon in Scorpio - May 10th, 2017

The Full Moon will be rising in Scorpio in just a few minutes here on the East Coast, and I'm sure you've been feeling this energy all day! You can expect these two day to be filled with epiphanies and revelations, whether they are big or small.

This Full Moon in Scorpio is going to show up very different for us all. Some may be feeling a sweet surge of wanting to connect deeply with themselves, like a lost friend you just found again. Some may be feeling like they are going through a rebirth on some level: mental, physical, emotional or all three! Some may be feeling the depths of a death, however this is showing up for you. Whoever you are, wherever you are- I FEEL YOU! 

This Full Moon comes into play with the North Node having shifted into Leo and will be here for awhile. If your curious about the Nodes, reach out to your local astrologist. My basic understanding of this occurrence, is that our Direction is going to be on the SELF... for awhile.

So those who can't bear to be by themselves, or alone with their thoughts- it may be a bumpy ride. If you're someone who thinks they've mastered their life plan, soul work and mission- think again! We are are entering the classroom of the SOUL, with a focus like we haven't seen for awhile. The South Node is now in Aquarius, so this means the collection of the individual focus will result in "help the world" energy. Hopefully...

For me this clears up the question, " How will we save the world?"

 Quite simply, it's by keeping the focal point on your self. Not in an egotistical, emo type of way, more like a new subject matter that's been brought to your attention. Not guilt, just curiousity.

This may look like : healing your past wounds, processing karma, taking care of your body and mind, exploring your soul's purpose, connecting to spirit, finding pleasures, interests and desires, and much more! So instead of being so focused on what's happening far away from you, it's time for us to pivot the investigation inward. 

Be ready for Transformations under this Full Moon! If you're in a state of confusion, tap into your intuition. Show up for this mystery we call life, instead of being bogged down by the fear on the planet. Let's support each other, collaborate instead of compete, and PLAY as much as we can! 

Sending you big energetic high fives my moon friends!

Enjoy the ride...