Moon in Sagittarius- May 12, 2017

What a firey day it has been with the still very illuminated Moon in Sagittarius!  These words come to mind for what I've felt and seen today: spicy, zesty and sassy! 

The paradox of today has been: wanting to run from your responsibilities and just explore what you can, all while battling the overwhelming task of being a grown up.

Were you searching international flights, instead of paying bills?  Playing hooky and visiting your local crystal shop? Maybe you went out to eat twice today, saying yes to gabbing with people you love?  Did you spend the first half of today dreaming on the future, and the second half having a mental breakdown over it? Regardless, it definitely feels like we all need a break. 

Can you gift yourself that? As the North Node shifts to Leo for many months, you may feel the need to pay attention to yourself much more. This will be a foreign concept for most of us, especially women, as it is ingrained in us to take care of others first. 

A Moon in Sagittarius is a great time to explore what intrigues you? What peaks your interest? Where do you want to go? (Figuratively and Literally) What's your current aim in life? 

My advice would be to spend this time: 

-Going on a hike solo or with a friend who you can speak freely and authentically to. 

-Check out travels deals, or even watch a travel documentary which can transport you to a different energy field. 

-Research a class, course or certification you've been curious about and pull the trigger on it! Why not?

-Take a novel outside, or download something you can listen to and go for a long ride.. 

Try not to sit alone and be paralyzed by your fears for the next two day.  Netflix and Chill will always be there for you! Today is about stepping out of these boxes..

Enjoy it my Moon readers!