Moon in Capricorn - May 15th, 2017

Moon in Capricorn on a Monday!? Yikes.. Break out your calendars, journals and highlighters my friends, because it's time to get ORGANIZED!

Since the Moon is in a waning phase for this sign, you may feel better accomplishing things quietly at home behind your computer. Capricorn energy helps us to have patience for meticulous and mundane tasks that we usually push aside.  Even though such tasks may seem extremely boring and entirely uneventful, once they are accomplished you will feel loads of weight off your back. So the next two days would be great for:

-Pulling out your hard drives, backing up your electronics, and clearing up some storage.

 -Organizing your files, taxes, finances, etc. 

-Choosing a spot in your home to organize: kitchen, closets, bathroom, etc. & sticking to that room until your feel satisfied.

-Going through emails, texts and voicemails and getting back to people.

-Pulling up all of your previous to-do lists, highlighting what you've done and make a current master To-do list, so you can cut the cords to any list lingering in the back of your Mind. 

Capricorn is the Father of the Zodiac, so today might feel like you're being punished or grounded. Pay attention to the word "Grounded" - Earth sign, back to reality, centered, rooted, strong foundation, established, firm base, etc.

How do these words make you feel? Do you feel confident you have them or do they highlight lack? Do you crave such sensations and form? In our current lifestyles, we're inundated with energies, images and technology that keep us disconnected from our lives right under our feet. So today would be a great day to sit with these deficiencies. 

On a good note, elder Capricorns are usually silly with a dry sense of humor and love to laugh as they age. So get these lists accomplished today and you can sit back, laugh and enjoy the rest of the week! 

As your Capricorn Sister Storyteller, I wish you all a great day!