Moon in Aquarius- May 17th, 2017

Doesn't today just feel lovely?! The Moon is in her last quarter phase in Aquarius till Friday. Here on the East Coast, the sun is finally shining and everything is GREEN from all of that rain. Hello Heart chakra healing! This would be a great time to socialize, dream about your future and emotionally detach from any dramas currently in your life. Try not to spend these two day in anxiety mode!  

A transit through the Aquarian sign goes one of two ways:

-You feel it's a great time to get connected to your higher self, the cosmos, spirit guides or ancestors.  You feel like you want to be around "like minded folks". You're bubbling with anticipation for the future. You handle dramas from a "so what" stance and are willing to move past them. You enjoy dipping into your creativity and imagination, surrounded by colors and prisms. You have a surge of wanting to get along or be involved with community. etc. 


-You get trapped in an unconscious cycle of victim hood or drama. You feel overwhelmed or paralyzed with anxieties. You feel ungrounded, as if you were floating around in outer space. You detach entirely from your emotions and tend to be harsh in situations. 

Remember, the Moon is here to illuminate your subconscious behaviors and highlight your emotions. So if the last paragraph triggered you, it's an invitation to Heal or Grow! 

The last Quarter energy is a great time for seeing what did or didn't work in this last lunar phase and making the necessary steps to course correct. Not having our emotions in the mix, will be very helpful for this process. 

Regardless of what you are feeling today, BREATHE, show up for the present moment and get all that you can out of this gorgeous day! 

Sunshine and love to you all!