Moon in Pisces - May 20th, 2017

The Waning Moon guides us into the watery realm of Pisces for the weekend.. Be ready to uncover some hidden waves of emotion and sensitivities you were not previously aware of! Not to mention, that a transit through Pisces gives us the opportunity to connect with our psychic abilities as well. So this should be quite an interesting few days!  

The Waning phase makes it easier for shadows to surface and they usually present the perfect space for healing and growth. 

 You'll know you have some shadow work to do, when you start getting triggered!

Triggers are beautiful soul moments when someone/something is holding up a  "Mirror" for our words, actions and feelings to be seen by us (hopefully). When this happens, we are forced to see ourselves for how the world sees us, and sometimes it's not pretty! 

When these shadows start to come to the surface: 

-Don't toss these triggers out- look at them, use them, thank them!

-Don't let anyone tell you that you're  over reacting, making things up or being too sensitive.

Quite opposite actually, they are your gifts! How can you welcome them in for a cup of tea and get to know them?

When we do this, we avoid massive blowouts and meltdowns. You shadow side want to be SEEN!

Are you ready to take off the rose colored glasses and illusion goggles this weekend? 

I promise you will be pleased by the depths of your spirit's integrity and authenticity! 

Have a good weekend moon lovers;)