Moon in Leo - May 2nd, 2017

Today marks the First Quarter Moon in Leo and what exciting times we have here my friends! The heart of Leo is currently backed by the fires of Beltane, making this a time for power and magic. All day there has been a sense of bliss, desire and romance. I've noticed a spike of gratitude and connections within humans lately, have you? Maybe it's the weather? Or maybe human consciousness is evolving towards unification collaboration! For more on this: check out the recent spikes in the Schumann Resonance and it's data collected of the Earth's electromagnetic field, or as I like to call, the Earth's heartbeat! 

There's been an intense focus of the heart lately, and Leo is just the sign to help us dig in. Think, the heart of the Lion. Leo folks are passionate, they love to love, they like the center stage and will have you stunned by the force of their roar! They like to feel good at all times. We could learn from this resiliency. Why are we so attached to feeling like crap, bitching about life, and whining that things should be better? What actions have we taken to make every heartbeat worth it?  Are you in love with your life or bothered by it? 

The First Quarter Moon in Leo after Beltane is asking us to get very clear on our passions and to toss what we don't want into the fire! Use this filter when discerning if something should be taking up time and space in your life: "If it's not 100% a hell yes, than it's a hell no!" Run this through all of the things you do with yourself all day - your career, your diet, your relationships, your hobbies, etc. Doing this will help you navigate where you're wasting your time or if it's ineffective for your life. If you know a Leo, you know they hate wasting their precious time! 

Another area of focus for the next two days will be your relationships: family, friends, and romantic. Where ever you are in a relationship, we are being reminded to love again. Since we cellularly turnover and become anew so often, its easy to understand that we're literally not the person we were last week, let alone last decade. This makes it a bit easier to understand why staying "happily married" for 65 years is so challenging! Right now, we are literally be asked to  fall in love all over again with ourselves and with the people we choose to be in relation with.  This is not a chore, this is a beauty moment. This is an invitation back into yourself, your heart and your soul. 

Some questions to sit with:

-What parts of your daily routine doesn't align with your energy anymore? 

-Are you lacking romance or lust? What areas of your life could use a sprinkle of sensuality?

-What are you truly passionate about? What makes your heart sing? 

-Do you believe you are worthy of a life filled with pleasure? 

Enjoy these few days, moon children!