Moon in Aries - May 22nd, 2017

The Moon gives us a nice little flame called Aries as she wanes down to the Dark Moon! This spark will be helpful for finishing up tasks, to- do lists, cleansing your space and getting ready for the New Moon reset.

Aim to use these last few days of this lunar cycle in a productive way. Aries (especially when tired)  tend to get a bit heated, heady and pissy about silly little things. Believe me, you don't want to waste the energy you DO have, on things that will only drain or completely upset you. 

I suggest spending this time:

-Checking off your creation lists or To-do lists

-Going back and reading your New Moon intentions from last lunar cycle and seeing what worked and what didn't 

-Cleaning and organizing your space, so when the New Moon energy hits you don't have to do much 

-Lighten up on heavy foods and coffee, so you won't end up bloated and uncomfortable 

-Be wary of your screen time, as this can drain your eyes and lead to headaches 

-Journal your issues first, before you unleash any furry on the closest person near you

-Go for a walk, to the beach or anything in nature to ground your energy 

-Drink lots of WATER! seriously... 

Enjoy this fire my Moon friends!