Dark Moon in Taurus - May 24th, 2017

Today we descend into the Dark Moon in the sign in Taurus, which means you may have a terrible time leaving your bed today folks! The Dark Moon is the space of the Lunar phase that is right before the New Moon. To understand this, know that the darkest time of day is right before dawn and the deepest part of winter is right before Spring. This is Nature's way of expressing a firm closeout, death or end to a cycle. Notice, that the Dark Moon is always in the sign of our last New Moon. So I spend these Dark Moons getting very clear on what I'm willing to let die from the last lunar cycle. 

Sit with a journal or nature and ponder these questions:

-In the last 28 days, have you experienced any Growth? Release? Epiphanies or Aha moments? Welcomed something new? Realized you have to let something/someone go? 

-Since Taurus season was all about the senses, how did you FEEL for the last 28 days? Were you SEEING things differently or more clearly? Did you find a new TASTE for something or someone? Did you get better on SNIFFING out situations? Were you HEARING things clearer, even from the other side of the veil? 

If we learn to honor this time of the Lunar cycle where we are invited back into ourselves, we can expect great things to come from it! 

Enjoy the Dark Side Moon babes!