New Moon in Gemini - May 25th, 2017

Today we start a new Lunar cycle with a New Moon in Gemini at 3:45pm (EST) . Three words sum up this Lunar cycle: WILD AND FREE!

A confirmation of Gemini season came through when I glanced at my calendar and saw that the entire month of June was booked solid! Holy Goddess hips, how did that happen?! Welcome to Gemini season folks!  

As much as Gemini is the social butterfly of the Zodiac Wheel, this will be a month devoted to the expression of self through your words, actions and creations. June is the time of year when we start to expose our growth from winter's death and spring's seedlings. Gemini season of 2017 is begging us to SHINE brighter than ever! So if you have been struggling with finding your path, or standing in authenticity, journal out these questions:

-What do you bring into life? What do people reach out to you for? Your advice? Your joy and excitement for life? 

-What sets you apart from others? Your drive? Your attention? You commitment?  

Become aware if you're trying to be someone else or forcing another's life path onto yours. Pick out what you like about their journey and welcome it into your own story, but don't waste you're energy trying to be something you are not. I promise that we all have a sparkly, unique path that is a very needed piece to this cosmic story! 


Another theme for this Lunar cycle is that the Gemini twins energy is matching up with an energetic CROSSROADS we're currently standing in front of.. The options are:  

-Choose our old Egoic programming of fear


-Choose a new path driven by love with every action and thought filtered through the HEART!

So what will it be my friends?  


Today would be the day to set up your New Moon intentions! Choose 3-4 aspects of your life you would like to manifest some new energy into.. Write them down onto paper, and trust that your words are being met with vibrations throughout the Universe. Don't obsess over them, instead trust and let them go.. Check back in at 1st quarter, full and last quarter moons to see the progressions! 

Happy New Moon to you all and remember it's time to Spread your wings and Fly moonbabes!