Moon in Cancer - May 27th, 2017

Welcome to the waxing crescent moon in Cancer everyone! This Lunar cycle is 3 days old and might not match up with your Memorial Day plans.. When the moon transits through Cancer, it's a 3 day period where the subconscious tendency will be to "mother" ourselves or others.  

This gives us a beautiful few days to notice our unmet needs, and this time will either be effective or Ineffective: 

-Are you exhausted and would benefit from sleeping and resting this weekend instead of partying? (I've had many people tell me this is where they're at today!) 

-Are you feeling unsupported or isolated from your tribe, and being around family drama would make you feel more drained?

-Are you saying yes to plans or people you honestly don't want to hang out with anymore, but feel guilty saying no to? 

Most advice would say to "honor" yourself and spirit this weekend. I'll ask you to go way deeper than that: 

-What are the emotions that come up for you when you make a choice to put others first? 

-Who do you think you're helping when you get wrapped up in others drama?

-What type of energy are you gathering when you participate in this behavior?  

Too much mothering usually turns into smothering! So turn that outward focus IN this weekend! 

What do YOU want? What do YOU need? A private cocktail on the beach by yourself? A Netflix binge? a big cry? 

I love to remind my clients- the crying doesn't stop, we just get older!

Spens this weekend making awesome choices, delicious food and positive memories my friends!  

Peace out Moon babes!