Moon in Leo - May 30th, 2017

The waxing crescent moon has another day in the sign of the Wild and Unpredictable Leo! What does this mean for you? Most likely, A LOT of breathing and grounding today.

As I predicted a few days ago, you're plans this weekend might have gone on quite a journey to get you where you needed to be, with you strapped in the passenger seat! This voyage for many of us in the Shadow wavepool has been highlighting our unmet needs..

Since Leo is the firery teenager of the Zodiac, I'm sure this was showcased over the long weekend. 

-Did you need a stage this weekend? How did you feel after your show? This illuminates that you are lacking attention in your life: emotional, mental, physical or maybe all three. Question this before you end up creating drama that will get shallow attention when you really thirst for some deep connections. 

-Did you have a teenage blowout or meltdown? Those meltdowns are needed once and awhile, because they highlight unmet needs and teach you how to self sooth and get back to homeostasis.  

-Did you have a complete burnout, passed out or canceled all plans? This reveals a need for more self care, better choices and healthier options in your life. Burnouts are the central nervous system forcing a shutdown, and frequenting this arena isn't healthy or stable. What choices can you make throughout the month to avoid this from continuing? 

To be completely honest, I dabbled in each of these pots over the last three days, if it makes you feel better! Please remember, we're in this together folks.. 

Lunar transits through Leo are always trying to get our attention. They are begging us to bring our deepest passions and desires to the surface. We are to take this immense pressure and funnel it through our creativity and spirit! Resulting in a lavish and unique jewel that each and everyone of us can bring to it's throne.. 

Are you up for the challenge? 

Peace to you all Moon peeps!