Moon in Virgo - May 5th, 2017

The waxing Moon is in Virgo and she's here to help you get Sh*t done! If you're like me, you jack knifed out of bed, grabbed your journal and started scribbling a to-do list. This is the time of the lunar cycle where you will feel the need to organized, focused and serious about some Earthly duties. Virgo's like to have a structured and systematic routine for their day to day. Let's just say they are definitely Type A people.

Even if you're not Type A, it's helpful to have a 3 day window of the month with this energy supporting you in accomplishing tasks. Do you have a daily routine?  What's your daily practice look and feel like? Would you feel more stable if you had a method to the madness called life? Even if you not someone who likes structure or discipline, could you try out something new? A new routine can look like getting up and taking 30 deep breaths while staring out your window instead of grabbing your phone first thing. 

Virgo also rules overall health and the digestive system. Virgo's are usually the friends who tell  you to start juicing, eat healthier, mediate and workout. And they're right! We should be honoring our bodies, mind and spirit because we only get one this lifetime. When the moon transits through Virgo, I see a lot of digestive issues flare up, mental health emergencies and loads of breakdowns. When we push off emotional, mental and physical health issues for months or years, you can guarantee a crisis in the future.  Why do we wait? Are we addicted to crisis? Can we function without disfunction?

Sadly, in this country, we only get attention when bad things happen. Our systems don't reward people who take care of their health- we make fun of them. We don't reward those who conquer addiction- we alienate them. We don't honor the sensitivities in our culture- we bully them and call them weak. Well, we've got some work to do my friends.. 

Spend this time analyzing your diet, your schedule, your energy levels, your mental state, your emotional health and how you are showing up for the world. I promise you will find an area that needs some attention, focus and love. This is how we can be great examples for each other. You can help "fix" the world, by healing yourself first. Remember, the airplane attendants tell us to put the oxygen mask on ourselves first before anyone else. So, if you're that person giving out dietary advice but your eating habits are a mess, this is you wakeup call. If you're the person paranoid about the state of our country, but you don't see that being obsessed about it is negative for your mental and emotional state, this is your wakeup call. If you're the person caught up in other peoples drama offering advice, but neglect your own drama, this is your wake up call. Awareness is always the first step. Become aware of your realities to watch the growth and healing begin! 

Enjoy moon friends!