Moon in Libra - May 7th, 2017

The waxing gibbous is in Libra till Tuesday and is here to help shed some light on our internal and external imbalances. This will be illuminated in your life's current issues. Instead of fretting whether things are good or bad in your life (what Libra's tend to do) try using this filter to take a deeper look, " is this effective or ineffective in my life?"

You can run this filter through:

-Foods you put in your body

-Relationships (family, friendly or sexual)  

-Hobbies and entertainment   

-Substances: caffeine, alcohol, tobacco or drugs  

-Physical activities, workouts, movements

-Jobs, careers or investments, etc 

This will help you to discern what your body and spirit actually wants and what your wasting your time and energy on.  

Another focus I'm seeing a lot of is this idea of "healing" the world, and globally becoming conscious. Don't get me wrong, it's where we're headed, but through the lense of SELF. If we want to change whats happening across our country, but we can't take care of our own shit at home- then we've got a space for growth to acknowledge. Yes, we are in the Aquarian age, and it's so exciting! But first we have to evolve as the self, sift through our own dramas, karmas and shadows. This is how we'll have the greatest impact on the collective. What we can do is come to understand and love the self. 

I see many people beat themselves up for not being on their path, consciously perfect or what their spiritual teacher is telling them. And I will ask you to use that filter here as well! If a message you hear doesn't sit well with you- let it go. If your religious culture doesn't fit your current vibration, make peace with it and move on. If a leader is saying, this one thing is going to "fix" humanity or make the awakening process quicker, it's okay to question this. 

My focus and path here on the planet is to respect every soul for where you are in life and support you in knowing you are exactly where you need to be! Not around the corner and over the hill, but right here- In the now! 

If you're in a shitty job, and it's not in the cards for you to leave yet, then your purpose is to "be the light" in this job. If you a parent of young kids, your path is to keep these babies safe and alive, so they can grow to be the leaders of peace for the world! So if you can't change your current situation, you can use the filter of seeing what's effective for you while you're on your path. 

For the next couple of days, I suggest tapping into this sense of collaboration or cooperation in your auric field today. This is a great time to have conversations you've been putting off or nervous to have. Libra moons offer us a level headed energy for working through conflicts, confrontation and unfairness. 

Its going to be beautiful week and if you support yourself, you will help spread love all around you. 

Enjoy this day friends!