1st Quarter Moon in Virgo- June 1st, 2017

The 1st Quarter of this Lunar cycle plants herself in Virgo. What makes this day interesting, is that the first quarter energies match up very close with that of Virgo energy: analytical, organized, in the head and very serious.

One could say we've got a double whammy here, my friends!  

Virgo peeps and the days the moon transits through this sign, we tend to run into "Paralysis by Analysis" as my friend Chelsie says! 

So before you get overwhelmed with the things you haven't done, or are supposed to do- stop, tale a few deep breaths and ask:


That one sentence has changed a lot for my life and health. At any given moment, I challenge you to ask yourself that question. 

I'm not speaking on things that suck in life and you have to do anyway, like taxes.. I'd  rather help you highlight what you're feeling throughout the day.

Few things to look into: 

-When doing tasks that are a necessity, (dishes, laundry, cooking) do you whine and complain outloud or to yourself the whole time? Why? Instead could you pop on some Audible, podcast or tunes and enjoy being alone? 

-When given a space in time to do nothing, do you instantly try to fill it with something? Why? 

-Do you enjoy your quiet alone time? If not, track the emotions that are surfacing for you.. that's a path to shadow work.  

-Do you ever have an end to feeling like you've got a million things to do? Does your plate ever get smaller? Is this your norm? Are you okay with that?  

I was telling a friend this morning, that whenever I feel like I "haven't done enough", I'm behind or stuck, I simply pull out my journal and go back six months.. even a year sometimes! It always blows my socks off.

For example, six months ago, The Wild Moon Society was only an idea: I didn't have monthly gatherings, a website, private clients, weekly live group videos, daily lunar writings, workshops or a community at all!  Wow...

If we can't sit back, see what we've created and celebrate it, than what's the point?!  

Learn to enjoy every minute of this experience and your whole life will change folks!  

Peace out!