Moon in Capricorn - June 12th, 2017

The Waning Moon was in Capricorn all weekend and will be for most of today! La Luna, still very Full, shone her illumination on Structure, Growth and Organization. 

Usually, on a Capricorn weekend you will: end up rearranging your entire home, do every errand under the sun, tap into deep authority strengths or have a huge project you want accomplished NOW. Lol, but really.. Did you jam pack things into your weekend? Organize your house? Move?

These are the types of projects that us Capricorns yearn for! Let's just say Capricorns LOVE to pile many things onto their plates..

 For some people, this weekend was full of forward motions on projects, careers, opportunities, luck and expansion. This aligns perfect with the Jupiter direct energy. Was this you? Can you look back on this weekend and see any growth in an area of your life? Do you feel the wheels turning on something? Moving forward with dreams you've had this year, finally!?! Write these things down and take note of how you feel about them. 

For other folks, this weekend might have highlighted the lack OR excess of structure, discipline and control. Capricorn rules the skeletal system, therefore giving us a window to check into our structures in place. Do you feel stable? Are you in control of your life or not? Are you bossy or demanding? Do you feel better when you think you're controlling a situation? Do you feel supported or safe? Do you have discipline in your life or are you all over the place? Super fun questions to ask yourself, huh? 

Coming off the Full Moon energy, can sometimes feel like a crash and those of us in the "sensitive" world might have gotten toasted..  So use this beautiful Monday to:

-Connect to the Earth and get grounded

-Invite in some discipline, organization or structure to your life

-Rid yourself of excess control and setting yourself up for failure by packing your schedule full.. 

Enjoy this beautiful sun filled summer day and take a load off friends! 






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Jayme Gray