Moon in Aquarius - June 14th, 2017

The waning moon has another night in Aquarius and she's giving us a small peak through the window of the future! Aquarius gives us a bit of AIR time, so we can grasp future ideas of change and growth floating around, while also tapping into our creativity. 

The wheels of the 2017 train are now in motion, and we're likely to see some things shaking up. Actually, I'm seeing this all around me, are you? I'm hearing stories of breakups, employment changes, moves, launches, etc.

As challenging as these changes can be, they are so needed. Naturally, it's not till they are over that we can see how needed it was for our path. I.e.- Most people say they want change, but when it comes time for them to change - radio silence. So whatever is happening to you right now, whatever you are going through- it's a clue to pay attention!

As modern humans faced with major changes, many of us resort to VICTIM mode. Yes, all of us. I believe the archetype of the Victim highlights our unmet needs: the deep wounds of our inner child. As children, when we cried, most likely our unmet need was addressed. As whining, crying adults having a meltdown- not so much. This is when we have to step in and take care of the child within. 

It's always a great time to ask yourself,

-What are my unmet needs?

-How can I self sooth from here?

-Is this a nudge from spirit?

-Are there some things that need to change in order for you to move forward?

I see LOTS of change coming folks, and it will require our full attention. Learn to take care of self first, and the rest will fall into place. 

Peace to you all Moon Friends!