Moon in Pisces - June 16th, 2017

Luna will be waning in Pisces from Thursday till Saturday afternoon and she brings us all sorts of watery gifts. Along with these ruptures we're all currently experiencing, it makes for one hell of a few days. 

THis will look different for everyone: 

-Some may experience an explosion of emotions, buried crap and lots of tears.. A waning Moon in Pisces can guarantee this. Use it as a purge, a cleanse, a release. I even took a bath this morning, just to give myself some extra ceremony during this time.. 

-Some may be processing some deep karmic cords. The veil seems ultra thin right now and the matrix is exposed. Waning Pisces moons are some of the most psychic times of the month. Use this clarity to see what storylines are real and was is not. Some of the drama you're caught up in, might not be just from this lifetime...

-Break ups, break offs, and break downs were also expected for this week.. It's time to release what you can't take with you into Summer Solstice. Use the flame of your Soul's intention to burn away what isn't needed for your path..  

I suggest you get around any water you can: get into the ocean, cry it out, walk next to a river, stare into a pond, get a bird bath, take a hot or cold bath, hydrate like woah, steam it up, get a massage, watch an ocean documentary or anything that has to do with movement, healing and fluid. 

You're being asked to step out of old skins of the past.. Will you? 

We're in this together folks...

Welcome to Summer 2017!