Moon in Aries - June 19th, 2017

The Moon spent the end of the weekend and today in Aries on the East Coast. A waning Moon in Aries mixed with hot, muggy weather was a recipe for an interesting few days! I'm guessing, your buttons were pushed, energy levels were low and now you're crawling out of the childish screaming matches you got yourself into all weekend.. Whoops! 

I believe these blowouts were perfectly in order and necessary as we approach the Summer Solstice and the New Moon this week! The energy here is asking us to leave behind what will not come with us into the pandora's box that is "SUMMER of 2017".

Much of my advice this year has been about new beginnings and to drop what isn't working anymore. 2017 is only getting started in regards to change and is testing to see where everyone's at.. The more comfortable we can get with change, the more enjoyable this year will be for you. If you are stuck in 3D Bullshit (as I like to put it..) you won't be moving very far.

Here's a list of some 3 Dimensional muck we can easily get caught up on:

-Drama- of any kinds, gossiping, obsessive curiosity, getting stuck in social media swamps

-Finances, lack, excess, material energetic cords, worth and value comparison 

-Stress, Anxiety or any other dense sensation that you have lost control of yourself to

-oh, and anything ego driven (massive eye roll..) 

These entities have heavy energies, so you'll want to be dropping them like it's hot;) 

Use the beginning of this week as the Moon slips into Taurus to take your time and enjoy finding out who you've become this year, as we embark into the Nights of Summer:)