Summer Solstice - June 21st, 2017

Today we celebrate one of the High Holy Days of the Wheel of the Year: The Summer Solstice!  This date marks the start to summer and the longest day of the year.    

La Luna has moved from a few feel good days in Taurus, to gliding into a Dark Moon in Gemini (which makes for a beautifully set stage to embrace and express our Solar qualities)..

Holy cow, what a week! 

 The longest day of the year and start to Summer are just begging for a theme.. 

 Illumination, Truth and Passion: Summer 2017

In my book, the Sun represents Masculine energy, so I see this time of year as a chance to heal our relationship to the Sacred Masculine- individually and around the Globe. How is your relationship to your Sacred Masculine? Do you feel balanced in your life right now? Ha! Who does? 

Most folks don't pay mind to the fact that the other side of Earth is doing the exact opposite. The Southern Hemisphere is experiencing their shortest day of the year. The sheer polarity is hard to process, all while highlighting the Intensity, Power and Beauty.

Any imbalances are sure to be illuminated now.. Which usually leads you to a good dose of Shadow work. Wink, wink..  Sounds exactly how you would want to spend the first day of summer, right? Don't worry, I spent half of today hiding under a huge tree.. I totally get it! 

During intense transitions and transformations like today, I think you only need a few things: your breathe, the present moment, an open heart and a pursuit of pleasure. Those few treasures have saved me time and time again.. 

What will it be my friends?! Are you ready for the second half of the year? 

Ps- Half way through the Wheel of the Year is a great time to go back, witness growth and have gratitude. We need more of that around here..