Super New Moon in Cancer - June 23rd-24th, 2017

Alas, we welcome in the Super New Moon in Cancer that crashed onto the shores last night around 11pm (EST)! She is Home and ready to welcome in our personal rebirths of 2017! Yes, this is what you've been feeling and going through..  

After a 6 month journey through the birth canal of contractions and chaos, we arrive into the new shells we will grow into for the next decade.. It was painful, exhausting and raw. You may just be coming to, as I sit here and type this.. 

Hear this:  I celebrate your rebirth, I witness your struggle and honor your courage.. For stepping out of your skin, stories, dramas, patterns, hurts, habits and issues. And if you haven't yet, I urge you- Let it go..  Together we release..

I'm Empathing there are enough people on the planet intuitively doing this as we speak, that we've shifted the planet's consciousness..  Using these Sacred Feminine Mother Earth energies that she's been summoning to the surface, we're naturally responding to the midwife's call. This is  a REVOLUTION.  And it's just getting started. Are you with me? 

 The message reads: "I let go of the things that I no longer am, I step into Faith and accept my Divine Path! Summer 2017 Let's do this..  " 

Birth and Death cycles are Natural, Wild, and Intense miracles that we're gifted with to experience over and over throughout a lifetime: cellularly, cyclically, menstrually, emotionally, collectively, cosmically, etc. The Universe is in constant change (WATER) and that means, so are WE (WATER)!

The only thing we can ever count on IS change.. So this New Moon is asking you about your relationship to change?

-How is the shell you live in now? Have you broken out of it like the crab and are ready for a new one?

-What's your current True Authentic Self? Who do you want to be?

-How do you want to feel? Are you in communication with your unseen?

-When's the last time you've voyaged through the watery depths of your soul?

-How do you manage your emotions? Your power? your gifts? 

-What do you do for ceremony? How do you witness yourself? What sacred container are you building for this unveiling? 

Remember, New Moons are the Time to set new INTENTIONS! I write down three new ones every month. It's a very practical and powerful ritual to add into your life.. 

So my friends, what are you Intentions this month? 

Blessed Be!